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If you have thought about purchasing a property direct from a property developer located in the Caribbean, or to be exact, in The Dominican Republic, you are not alone. The island is one of the main destinations for many English speaking countries including Canada, the USA and the UK. It is also high on the list of those coming in from Western Europe looking for choices of luxury property developments in The Dominican Republic, especially developments on the western tip of the country along the coast line.


The Dominican Republic is the eastern side of an island nation located approximately 2 hours (via plane) southeast of Miami, to the west of Cuba and Jamaica.

As one would expect due to the types of purchaser available, The Dominican Republic provides a wide range of options from the condo, to the luxury home, thru to lavish luxurious villa estates that are often to be found tucked behind the gates of a luxury private community or luxury resort.


If you are trying to find specific developments in The Dominican Republic, their developers, and what options there are for the buyer and or investor in the Caribbean or specifically in Dominican Republic, review the latest or past editions of the monthly International Property Developers Magazine.


TOP Property Developers in the Dominican Republic


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