Commercial Freehold Property

Commercial investment property can include retail outlets in resorts, hotels, whole resorts, operational spas, shops and restaurants within gated communities as well as office space in city centres among many other commercial categories.

Commercial property often has a higher cap rate than residential investments. Many emerging locations provide viable commercial investment opportunities of which can provide a range of options to the commercial property investor.

Commercial property is subject to the same market conditions as any other type of property. In economic sound markets businesses require office space from which to operate and reach their target audience.

A consultant should be able to provide a wide range of commercial office space opportunities - especially from emerging markets that have, and do offer sound commercial reasons as to either opening up an operational office from or to simply purchase into a market where capital appreciation and high rental returns can be achieved.

Middle Eastern markets as well as Far Eastern Markets such as South Korea, Malaysia and China all represent growing markets from a relatively low base. As these markets mature the next decade or so could see these regions over run and exceed the costs and returns achieved in once what was the strongest markets worldwide. London UK, New York and Tokyo will see very strong competition from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai and Shangai as in terms of attractiveness for business owners and investors for commercial office space take up.


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