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A brief guide as to where to look and who to contact to enter the development profession if you are wondering HOW to get into Development.


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Getting to be a development company can can be a long process and can be approached in a wide variety of ways. Having a real interest in real estate and property is essential to maintaining enthusiasm along the way. Developments all over the world continue to provide essential living and working space for the human race. Without property developers with the vision to create amazing buildings and communities, many of the landmark developments would not be around today.

The developer of any property development needs to consider a wide range of aspects when designing and planning a development including environmental, economic, physical and political issues.

The development will require architects, landscapers, civil engineers and site planners to address project design; market and sales consultants to determine demand and sell, lawyers to handle agreements and government approvals; environmental consultants and soils engineers to analyze a site's physical limitations and environmental impacts; surveyors and title companies to provide legal descriptions of a property; and lenders to provide financing.

Luxury property developers focus on popular tourism locations where travelers seek out the best of what the location can offer or in highly sought after city locations like Dubai, London England, or New York. Whether you are looking for a property developer to work with or a luxury property development to purchase a property from the logical place to start is through a property search engine.


If you are trying to find specific developments, their developers, and what options there are for the buyer and or investor, review the latest edition of the monthly International Property Developers Magazine.

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