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World Class Resort and Marina in Costa Rica, Limon Province, Costa Rica

World Class Resort and Marina in Costa Rica, Marina Resort, Limon Province, Costa Rica, development on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, International Property Developers.

Costa Rica Limon Real Estate Developments

Yet to be built - The Limon Province is the gate to the Property on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast. The proposed resort is located ten minutes from the capital city of Limon which is also Costa Rica's main Atlantic Port. Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast boasts many National Parks which represent its bio diversity at its best. The resorts location faclitates access to these parks and many activities within minutes by car or boat.

The proposed resort is a long narrow island with kilometers of sandy beaches. It is separated from the mainland by a wide canal, formed by the rivers that empty into the Atlantic Ocean. Vegetation on the island indulges visitor`s eyes. Palm trees on the beach are plentiful and as tall as buildings. The abundant natural landscape surrounding the canal is impressive. The resort is located on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica in the province of Limon, Costa Rica.

Upon reaching Limon, you are immediately surrounded by the unique Caribbean atmosphere reflected in its people, food, architecture and customs. The scenery maintains its`tropicl green color all year long. The majority of the land on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is dedicated as natural preserves protecting the ecological bio-diverity. Its beaches are some of the best in Costa Rica and the warm clear waters of the Caribbean are both inviting and picturesque.

Limon Province Costa Rica

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