Buyers and investors will trawl through hundreds of websites and search result pages looking for information about property developers who are building in an area or location of interest. They will be looking for specific types of property, and will look to get reliable information about the developer itself, and a directory can be a useful tool.

Buyers will want to know the history, they will be looking at past and future delivery time-lines, and they will also want to know what the developer may have planned for the future.

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» For just a few dollars a year list your development, project or land.

» List your entire development or just one unit.

» Advertise to a buyer and investor audience looking specifically for new and off-plan real estate.

» Land banking - advertise your land to developers looking at this listing site.

The potential buyer may be looking to gain leverage by buying late, or early, into the build program as the developer adjusts the pricing according to the availability list or the popularity of the development. The investor may be seeking to achieve higher than average rates of return and want to connect with the key decision makers at the head office of the development to get the accurate answers they need.

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Whatever the objective of viewing audience, this directory of property developments will focus on providing answers to those questions via editorial content and through the targeted advertising listings section.

Residential, commercial and retail property developments, how land banking works, how to access developer funding or a service company that is looking to offer a new type of security system or a range of tiles direct to the development company - there is a need to market to consumers and suppliers in one easy to use place, and The International Property Developers Directory is it.

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